Condor DocSec specializes in extensive Visual Security Solutions for the Military, Law Enforcement and Security Operatives communities. Our visual security solutions specialize in creating unique, groundbreaking methodologies to scripting and filming security related scenarios.

The scenarios that are part of our visual security services include operational situations and conflicts inherent to the different security sectors. Our deep understanding of the adversaries' modus operandi allows us to create scenarios that simulate extreme situations and develop customized solutions.

Our operative teams have extensive operational and commanding experience in the various security sectors. Therefore, all our visual security services are over realistic and we have the capacity to create any scenario that shows the situation and its respective solution.

For a complete description of our visual security expertise, please see the resource section of this site which describes our areas of specialization. In addition, please visit our sister site - Israel Combat Institute for more details.

Condor DocSec offers state of the art visual security solutions that serve the operational, tactical and cinematographic communities. We can create visual security solutions to any scenario and apply it to diverse theatres of operation specific to the area of activity. Condor Doc Sec takes an active operational role in the development of Condor Security Movies.

Our visual security services are intended for security operatives, military personnel, SWAT, and combat instructors that seek to produce and simulate operational solutions to complex combat and security scenarios. These scenarios can play a very important role in the operational qualification of security professionals within the line of activity inherent to their functions.

Condor DocSec can assist your organization in providing you with complex security scenarios and delivering practical solutions inherent to the specific modus operandi of different adversaries. Our visual security products are delivered by specialized teams as well as operatives from the different Condor Divisions specializing in specific areas of security.

Condor Security has been a key player in the security arenas as the leading provider of realistic training and simulating extreme scenarios from different angles of operation.

Condor is determined to continue developing its visual security services with the assistance of its operatives and multidisciplinary teams in an effort to constantly upgrade our commitment to professional standards.

Condor remains at your disposal for any questions regarding our services.

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